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About KBS

Leading ceiling fan manufacturer.

Zhongshan KEBAISHI Electric Appliance Co., Ltd, a professional ceiling fan manufacturer based in Zhongshan city, benefits from its strategic location in this international lighting hub. Leveraging this advantage, KBS has achieved successful exports of premium ceiling fans to over 55 countries.

Our Factory

Production Equipment

Our production facilities comprise 6 semi-automatic motor production lines and 12 fan production lines, enabling us to achieve an impressive average monthly output of 60,000 to 80,000 units.


With 8 years of experience in ODM&OEM services, we offer a low MOQ of 50 pieces per design, providing you with ample flexibility. Additionally, we boast an extensive selection of over 30 designs for you to choose from.

Quality Control

To ensure optimal performance, we conduct rigorous inspections on all of our finished products, guaranteeing that each item meets our high-quality standards.


Our 5000 square meter cargo storage area is equipped with comprehensive cargo safety management, ensuring speedy, efficient, and secure loading processes.

Global Market
KBS - Globalization
Global Market
  • 50% North America
  • 20% Western Europe
  • 10% South America
  • 5% Eastern Europe
  • 5% Oceania
  • 5% Eastern Asia
  • 4% Southeast Asia
  • 1% Africa